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Friday, August 4, 2017

Almost 3 years ago I was blessed with finding the brand CRUDE Personal Care. At the time of discovery, I had terrible rosacea on my cheeks, insanely dry skin, and zero self confidence. I refused to leave my house without makeup on. I even refused to let my family see me bare faced. CRUDE's products healed my skin, naturally and without harsh chemicals. CRUDE's products also gave me my confidence back. My skin has never looked better.

Through my YouTube video and an application process last year, I was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for them. The day I got the e-mail was like Christmas for me. I had never been more excited! 

During the last year, I was having the hardest time keeping the secret that Denise, the CEO and Founder of CRUDE was working on a soap free body wash. It took everything in me not to scream it from the rooftops because I was so stinking thrilled about this product. 

When we got our trial bottles, I immediately took a shower just because I was so excited to use it. I instantly fell madly in love with the scent. It smells like sweet limes and it made me feel so luxurious every time I used it. There were some things that I really did not like about the wash, including the glass bottle design. I dropped it once on a very early morning and panicked at the thought of having little shards of glass in my feet. Thankfully, it didn't break but it scared me enough that I kept out on the shelf outside of my shower from that point on just to be safe.

It's been MONTHS since we all trialled the Wash and we've all been on the edge of our seats, pestering Denise to give us a release date. She continually reassured us that it was coming soon, but that she wanted to fine tune it a little bit more because it wasn't quite right yet.  About a month ago, we got the official time frame -end of July. I began losing my shiz because i was like "DENISE! GIVE ME A DATE!" Then finally, July 31st was announced and the Wash has been officially released to the public! It's THE FIRST truly soap and detergent free body wash on the market and I'm so proud to be in a small way- part of this incredible company.  

I love the new design of the bottle- praise the heavens for not living in fear of glass filled feet! I also love that the formula is ever-so-slightly different than the one trialled with the added fermented coconut fruit extract, that preserves and thickens the product naturally so it's ever creamier than it was before. And let me tell you, it was creamy and dreamy before so I love that it feels even more luxurious now! My favorite thing about the wash is that it's all natural and has no nasties! I love when products work with your skin and not against them! Go back to basics!

Because this wash is soap and detergent free, it was like a little mind-f when using it since it does not foam in any way. I had to train my brain to stop freaking out that my body wasn't all sudsy when using it and train it to just enjoy the luxurious smooth, creamy, lotion like feeling while using on my body.  The creaminess of this product feels so smooth on the skin. While you don't have to use this all over your body (remember, we're working with our skin not against it.) CRUDE instructs that to use the was you should rinse your body with water alone, then use 2-3 pumps to cleanse your pits, bits, and any other areas you feel need extra cleansing, moisturizing, or healing. Then you are to rinse well, dry off, then use 1 or 2 pumps as a moisturizer on the body if desired.

I love all of the graphics and branding they have made for the Wash! It's all so classy, clean, and simple. Just like CRUDE! I encourage you all to check out the wash because it is so good. You can also save 10% on ANY order made on livecrude.com when you use code


Please let me know if you end up trying the Wash or any CRUDE product and how you like them! Their products have seriously changed my life and I'm confident that they can change yours too.

See my life changing before and after:

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